Further Reading on Health, Diet, Nutrition, and related tools

World Health Organization’s Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health

World Health Organization’s World Health Reports

World Obesity Federation

British Government Information on Health

Tips for a lower-salt diet

The Association of UK Dieticians

UK Food Standards

UK Food Standards Agency Balance of Good Health

British Nutrition Foundation

Diabetes UK

HEART UK, the Cholesterol Charity

The European Food Information Council

Healthy Living Scotland

For a complete UK guide on which kinds of fish to buy and which to avoid, check out the Marine Conservation Society website

And for other nations, go to the international resource list at

Australian Government Information on Health and Obesity

Dietitians Association of Australia

New Zealand Government Information on Health and Obesity

New Zealand Dietetic Association

Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute

USDA Food and Nutrition Information

US National Institute of Health

US Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity

Walking for Health UK

US Let’s Move: America’s Move to raise a Healthier Generation of Kids

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