Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat:

Secrets of My Mother’s Tokyo Kitchen


I take a deep breath. I am in my mother’s Tokyo kitchen.

I am drenched in the subtle, sweet and earthy fragrances I’ve tasted since I was a little girl. The kitchen smells like the earth, the sea and the mountains . . . it smells like life. This is good, old fashioned Japanese-mom’s home cooking. It helps explain why Japan is the healthiest nation on Earth. And it’s something you can start enjoying in your own home today.

This book is a celebration of Japanese-style home cooking, a grand tour of Japanese food culture, and an exploration of expert opinions on the traditional Japanese diet, a way of eating based largely on fresh vegetables and fruit, rice, soy and fish, all served in modest portions.

Come with me across the seas to a land that is bright and beautiful. Let’s go on a grand tour of the Food Utopia of Planet Earth – – Japan. And together, let’s bring the secrets of my mother’s Tokyo kitchen into your kitchen today. This book will tell you exactly how easy it is to do – – and how much you will enjoy doing it!

This is not a diet plan. It is a whole new way of falling in love with food.

Something incredible is happening in Japan. The women are living longer and healthier than everyone else on Earth. They are eating some of the world’s most delicious food. Yet they have by far the lowest obesity in the developed world.

Now the secret can be yours – – in JAPANESE WOMEN DON’T GET OLD OR FAT: SECRETS OF MY MOTHER’S TOKYO KITCHEN by Naomi Moriyama and William Doyle.

The book reveals:

  • How Japanese Women Beat Obesity Without Even Trying
  • The Secrets Of My Mother’s Tokyo Kitchen – 12 Easy Tokyo Tips to Start Living Like A Healthy Japanese Woman – – Today!
  • Japanese Women: Princesses Of Power Breakfast
  • The 7 Pillars Of Japanese Home Cooking (It’s Not Just Sushi!)
  • Over 30 Step-By-Step Recipes From My Mother’s Tokyo Kitchen
  • How Easy it is to Start Your Tokyo Kitchen
  • The Food Secret of The Female Samurai
  • Expert Opinions From Around The World on the Japanese Diet

Did you know:

  • Japanese women have the #1 lowest obesity rate in the developed world – – 3%, vs. 11% for French women, 23% for English women, and 34% for American women (International Obesity Task Force)
  • Japanese women have the #1 longest life expectancy on Earth – – 85 years. (World Health Organization World Health Report, 2005)
  • Even more important, Japanese women have the #1 most years of healthy life expectancy at birth among all men and women in the world’s 192 nations: they enjoy the most years of full health. In fact, while Japanese people rank #1 in healthy life expectancy, the United States ranks #25 in the world, right below Slovenia. (World Health Organization World Health Report, 2004)
  • Experts say it’s not all in their genes. When Japanese shift to less-healthy aspects of Western diets, they put on weight, which is triggering an obesity crisis in Japan today. I gained 25 pounds in two months when I first came to the U.S. for college. But I lost it all when I moved back to my mother’s Tokyo kitchen.
  • According to cardiologist Dr. Robert Vogel of the University of Maryland School of
    Medicine, “the Japanese diet is a very good one, perhaps the best.” He adds that “Japanese genes play little if any role in their longevity since Japanese moving to Honolulu or San Francisco develop the same heart disease rates and longevity as do locals.” (author interview)
  • The American Dietetic Association calls Japanese-style eating a “passport to health,” and suggests we “take a lesson today from the Japanese table.” (American Dietetic Association website Tip of the Day, June 13, 2005)

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